We are in the same boat. Let's help our rock stars. Spread the love, wear the labels

Pre order

You are required to book a table in advance, you even order your take out food a day before, all things has changed nowadays. We believe in zero waste. So pre orders are valuable for us. By pre ordering your item online, the machines will only start working once we receive your order. No over production, no waste. Therefore delivery times will be minimum 1,5 week, depending on the amount of orders. Have patience, be happy!

We think natural wine makers are like rock stars. Who doesn't have a band T-shirt in his closet. Well, with La Majetta we can start a new collection. Let's help our favorite wine makers. They provided us with their most beautiful labels so we could start producing for them. Buy a shirt with their label on it and we donate 3 euro from each shirt to the wine maker. And wear it as much as you can of course, so they get a free promotion too! Spread the love, wear the labels!


Just as for our favorite wines, we believe that the only way is natural. So sustainability and fair trade is important for us. Our shirts are made solely from the best organic cotton, fairly and sustainable produced. By people in fabrics with good working conditions. In a way that limits our impact on the environment. The production of the shirts limits the use of water and there is never use of any chemicals, so no sprays or fertilisers. Just like a vineyard, healthy soil is life.